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     How we work:

     Our Harm Reduction Therapy Practitioners are committed to the Harm Reduction Therapy Principles. Each practitioner has a different style, so you're encouraged to reach out to those who seem like they may be a good fit for you. Typically, Harm Reduction Therapy begins with assessment, where we'll discuss your/your loved one's substance use, history, resources, strengths, and overall goals. We work actively to help you discuss these topics in a way where you don't feel judged or shamed. We'll incorporate psychoeducation to help you understand how to minimize harm, while identifying what, if anything, you'd like to change. We'll explore strategies, identify motivation, develop mindfulness, and process unhelpful feelings and behaviors that stand in your way.

     Our clients tend to work toward the following goals: substance use maintenance, moderation management, or abstinence. Or if you are a family member/loved one of someone who uses substances: supporting a loved one, deepening understanding, and managing your own self-care. If you'd like to explore working with one of our practitioners, you can use the below "contact us" box to send a message about the type of service you're interested in (individual, couple/relationship, family, or group).


You're welcome to send any information you're comfortable passing along, but we encourage you to remain aware that privacy is not a guarantee when submitting web forms like this one.


There are a couple of ways to access our services:

  1. Look through our bios and directly contact providers who might be a good match for your needs.

  2. Contact us directly through our "contact us" page and someone will get back to you regarding your query within 72 hours.


If your availability is limited or you are looking for a specific type of support, please let us know in your message so we can try to find the right match for you.

Have any questions about our services? Would you like to join our team of practitioners?

Contact us below and one of us will reach out to answer your questions.

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