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A new approach to managing substance use concerns tailored to your needs.

We are a network of harm reduction practitioners in Northern California serving the mental health needs of individuals who use drugs and alcohol.

   We focus our practice on helping people create the positive changes they choose to work toward and don’t require that they stop using alcohol and other drugs in order to access our support. Instead, we work in a non-judgmental manner with our clients to help them determine the goals that are meaningful to them, as well as their relationship to alcohol and other drugs, which may or may not include changing their use. 

   Our network includes psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, substance use counselors, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychiatrists, coaches, and others who practice Harm Reduction Therapy or harm reduction-informed services in private practice settings. 


                                     WHAT WE OFFER

  • A professional organization that supports our work and nurtures future therapists to provide harm reduction treatment services. 

  • A resource for clients looking for a harm reduction practitioner who will support any efforts in their choice to change their drug use. 


                                       OUR MISSION

  • To build a local community of providers for support, referrals, mutual education, and the nurturing of the next generation of Harm Reduction practitioners.

  • To provide potential clients, who often face stigma and rejection by professionals, with a centralized list of people we trust who practice Harm Reduction Therapy, counseling, and other harm reduction services. 

  • To foster a commitment to social justice in our work and promoting diversity within our group and in our larger professional community. 

  • To work with knowledge of the disabling effects of the War on Drugs and the racial inequalities contained in it; to study the best ways to serve clients whose trauma and substance use is intertwined with these sociological realities.

  • To promote inclusionary practices which support racial justice and equality among multiple marginalized groups such as BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, women, people with disabilities, and those who are socio-economically challenged. 

  • To provide referrals to each other, attempting to match the client’s needs and requests with the best fit for a practitioner.

Our provide
rs differ in terms of availability, skills, experience and online/in person services.


For information about how to access our services, look in the contact us page.

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